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Top 10 Best Beach Umbrellas to Buy in Australia

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Australia’s beautiful beaches are known worldwide for their pristine sands and crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a day at the beach is a quintessential Australian experience. To make the most of your beach outings, a high-quality beach umbrella is essential. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top 10 best beach umbrellas available in Australia, ensuring you stay cool and protected under the scorching Aussie sun.

1. Project Blank

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Price: AUD149.95

With a generous 2-meter canopy that boasts a UPF 50+ rating and is waterproof, this eco-friendly marvel is truly one of a kind. Crafted from the equivalent of 37 recycled PET bottles, it’s a testament to sustainability. The classic design, featuring elegant white tassels and an FSC-certified Beech timber pole, exudes timeless charm. Thanks to its lightweight fiberglass frame, matching carry bag, and recycled plastic screw base, it’s a breeze to carry and set up. Whether you’re planning a day in the sun with friends and family or need reliable shelter from the elements, Project Blank is the perfect choice. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a statement of style and sustainability.

2. Sunday Supply Co.

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Price: AUD279

Discover the timeless elegance of Sunday Supply Co.’s classic umbrella, designed to elevate your beach, pool, deck, or garden experience. Its simple and subtle color palette allows you to seamlessly blend into sandy landscapes or make a statement with its understated beauty. Crafted with all-natural tones and premium finishes, this umbrella is a versatile essential for various occasions. Each one comes complete with a matching carry bag for effortless portability. With a focus on long, sun-drenched summer days, this classic style seamlessly blends modern features and high-quality materials. From its powder-coated Aluminium Alloy hardware to the FSC-approved Beech wooden pole and UPF 50+ Premium Polyester canopy, every detail is designed to enhance your beach setup. The addition of 100% Cotton Tassels and a tilt mechanism further demonstrates the thoughtful craftsmanship of this beach umbrella. Sunday Supply Co. has truly redefined beach style with this exceptional creation.

3. Business and Pleasure Co.

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Price: AUD299.99

Step back in time to the groovy 70s with Business and Pleasure Co.’s Premium Umbrella, a true retro delight in vintage pink, yellow, cream, and green block colors. This beach accessory is a blast from the past with a touch of luxury, featuring custom aluminum hardware, a polished wood pole, and cotton fringe on its UV- and water-resistant canopy. With 98% block out and UPF 50+ protection, it offers 6 feet of shade for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The attention to detail is impeccable, from the reclaimed timber laminated wood pole to the marine-grade hand-polished aluminum hinge and handle. When it’s time to head home, simply pack it down into the matching canvas carrier bag for easy transport. Business and Pleasure Co. has spent five years perfecting this beach umbrella, making it the ultimate choice for a stylish and comfortable beach day.

4. Isla In Bloom

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Price: AUD199

Elevate your beach experience with Isla In Bloom’s Sunchaser Weekend Beach Umbrella, a must-have accessory for sun-soaked outdoor adventures. Crafted from 100% recycled fabric, the canopy features a charming bohemian tiled design and offers the perfect amount of shade for those blissful summer days by the shore. This Weekend-sized umbrella is a lighter and more compact version of the Premium model, designed for effortless transport to and from the beach. Its quick and easy assembly ensures a hassle-free setup, even when you’re accompanied by the whole family. With premium features such as a recycled polyester canopy made from plastic bottles, UPF50+ protection, and fade-resistant colors, this umbrella is both eco-conscious and stylish. The zinc alloy hardware is galvanized to withstand the elements, and the polished Beech wooden pole comes with an adjustable tilt mechanism for optimal shade. Topped off with retro-style wooden accents and 100% recycled cotton tassels, this umbrella is not just functional but also a delightful beach companion. It even comes with a matching carry bag for added convenience. Isla In Bloom’s Sunchaser Weekend Beach Umbrella ensures you stay cool, comfortable, and environmentally conscious on your beach getaways.

5. It’s Coco & Peach

itscocoandpeach beach umbrella - 1

Price: AUD195

Elevate your summer experience with It’s Coco & Peach’s Sweet Carica Premium Tassel Beach Umbrella, a must-have for those who cherish long, sunny days by the sea. This umbrella boasts a vibrant hand-drawn papaya print in juicy peach and khaki on a classic charcoal polka dot background, ensuring you stay shaded in style. Designed with sand, sun, and surf in mind, it offers an array of features that make it a summer essential. From the UPF50+ premium recycled RPET fabric for sun protection to the 1.8-meter canopy for ample shade, every detail is carefully considered. The 100% natural cotton tassel fringe adds a touch of elegance, while the rust-resistant aluminum pole with a wood-style powder coating and rustproof fiberglass frame guarantee durability. Setting it up is a breeze with the convenient click-in pole function, and the integrated anchor ensures stability and strength. Standing tall at 2.1 meters and weighing just 2.7 kilograms, it’s easily transportable with the matching carry bag. It’s not just an umbrella; it’s a statement of style, quality, and functionality for your sun-soaked adventures.

6. Pillow Talk

pillowtalk beach umbrella - 1

Price: AUD149

No need to worry about finding a shady spot at the beach when you have the St Barts Scalloped Fringed Beach Umbrella from Pillow Talk. This stylish and functional beach companion is designed to keep you comfortably shaded in both comfort and style. With the ability to adjust and tilt to your preferred angle, it’s a breeze to customize your shade. The umbrella conveniently comes with a cute carry bag for easy transport, making it a must-have for your beach outings. Featuring a captivating natural floral mandala design and adorned with scalloped edges and soft cotton fringing, the St Barts umbrella adds a touch of fun to your day in the sun. Made from reinforced printed polyester canopy with plastic ribs and an adjustable aluminum screw-in pole, it’s built for durability. This beach umbrella boasts a 200cm diameter canopy and a 116cm long, 3cm diameter pole, ensuring ample coverage. Plus, the UPF50+ rating and water-resistant features provide additional protection. Remember to apply sunscreen as UV exposure can still occur. The strap closure on the umbrella and matching printed bag with a carry strap make it incredibly convenient to take with you on all your beach adventures. Don’t let the sun stop you from enjoying the surf and sand – the St Barts umbrella has got you covered.

7. Ela and Earth

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Price: AUD259

Ela and Earth’s Indigo Nights Beach Umbrella is the perfect blend of sustainability, comfort, and style for your leisurely beach days or sunny afternoons. Crafted with eco-consciousness in mind, these large fringed umbrellas are not only lightweight and practical but also incredibly sustainable. They are made using recycled fabric sourced from plastic waste and adorned with 100% cotton tassels, ensuring a chic and eco-friendly beach companion. The umbrella features a versatile powder-coated aluminum pole that can be adjusted to different angles for optimal shade. Available in a range of organic colors and coastal prints, these premium Beach Umbrellas come complete with a matching carry bag, making your beach trips even more convenient. Standing tall at 2 meters with a 1.7-meter canopy diameter when open, they provide ample shade. With a UPF 40+ sun protection rating, they keep you safe while you enjoy the sun and surf. The 3-way tilt mechanism adds to their functionality and style. Embrace sustainable beach living with Ela and Earth’s Indigo Nights Beach Umbrella.

8. Alohra

alohra beach umbrella - 1

Price: AUD299

The Alohra Deluxe Beach Umbrella in Speckled White stands as the epitome of luxurious beach shade, setting a benchmark for elegance and functionality in the market today. Often hailed as the Rolls Royce of beach umbrellas, its beauty is matched only by its exceptional performance. Crafted with utmost quality, it boasts UPF 50+ UV-treated canvas and premium timbers throughout, ensuring durability and sun protection. Unlike many other brands that incorporate plastic components, Alohra’s umbrellas feature marine-grade aluminum hinges and handles, offering resilience against strong winds. Setting up this beach umbrella is a breeze, taking just seconds, and it conveniently comes with a heavy-duty canvas carry bag for effortless storage and transport. With an extra-large sand screw for easy installation, reinforced air vents for added durability, and a treated timber laminate pole, this beach accessory has it all. Its UPF 50+ UV-treated, water-resistant, and mold-resistant canvas, paired with a cotton bullion fringe, offers both style and protection. Measuring 7 feet in height and 6 feet in width when in use, and a compact 48 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches in the carry bag, this umbrella is designed to cater to your beach needs. With a pole diameter of 1.125 inches and a weight of 9 pounds, it’s a robust choice for your beach outings. Make a stylish statement while staying protected and comfortable on your beach adventures with Alohra’s Deluxe Beach Umbrella.

9. Bamboo Bungalow

bamboo bungalow beach umbrella - 1

Price: AUD259

Transport yourself back to the joyful memories of childhood parties with Bamboo Bungalow’s “Hundreds and Thousands” Beach Umbrella. This vibrant and captivating beach accessory is a playful nod to carefree days filled with colorful bubbles and speckles, all under a canopy that promises respite from the sun’s harsh rays. The lively and colorful design is complemented by luscious soft white fringing, adding a touch of whimsy to your beach experience. Each “Hundreds and Thousands” Beach Umbrella includes a matching carry bag and a sand bag for added convenience. With a 2-meter UPF 50+ custom printed shade canopy, 5.0mm fiberglass ribs, 15 cm cotton tassels, and a 32mm wood pole, this umbrella is designed to provide both style and protection. The sturdy nylon tilt hinge allows you to adjust it up to 90 degrees, ensuring you can find the perfect angle for shade. To top it off, the matching fabric carry bag comes with wide cotton webbing shoulder straps for easy transportation. Embrace the joy of seaside fun and vibrant design with Bamboo Bungalow’s “Hundreds and Thousands” Beach Umbrella.

10. Summer Daze

summerdaze beach umbrella - 1

Price: AUD180

Embrace timeless elegance with Summer Daze’s White Beach Umbrella, now on sale for the spring season. This classic, crisp, and clean white umbrella features a traditional shape that’s perfect for creating that dreamy beach day atmosphere. Whether you want to stand out on the shoreline or simply bask in the simplicity of white, this umbrella is the ideal choice. Tested and trusted under the Australian sun, its 2-meter-wide canopy shade is crafted from UPF50+ materials, providing excellent sun protection, while also being waterproof. Setting up at the beach is a breeze thanks to the attached sand screw and tilt-adjustable pole, and for added convenience, it comes with a matching bag equipped with a shoulder sling. Summer Daze takes your safety seriously, and their fabric has been rigorously tested to meet Australian standards by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. While the UPF50+ cover helps block the majority of direct sun ultraviolet rays, they recommend using sunscreen, a hat, long-sleeved clothing, and sunglasses for comprehensive sun protection. Enjoy the beach in style and safety with Summer Daze’s White Beach Umbrella.


Investing in one of the top 10 best beach umbrellas in Australia is a smart decision for anyone who loves spending time by the shore. These umbrellas offer superior sun protection, durability, and convenience, ensuring that your beach days are not only enjoyable but also safe. So, pick your favorite from our list, pack your beach essentials, and get ready for endless sunny adventures in the land Down Under.


1. What is the best way to anchor a beach umbrella in the sand?

To anchor a beach umbrella securely in the sand, use a sand anchor or auger-style umbrella stand. These devices provide a stable base for your umbrella, preventing it from getting blown away by the wind.

2. Are all beach umbrellas waterproof?

No, not all beach umbrellas are waterproof. While most are designed to provide shade and protect against UV rays, they may not be completely waterproof. It’s a good idea to check the product description or labels to determine if a specific beach umbrella is waterproof.

3. How can I clean and maintain my beach umbrella?

To clean your beach umbrella, gently wipe it down with a mild soap and water solution. Allow it to dry completely before storing it to prevent mold and mildew growth. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for the best results.

4. Can I use a beach umbrella for other outdoor activities?

Yes, beach umbrellas are versatile and can be used for various outdoor activities such as picnics, camping, and sporting events. Their portability and sun protection make them a valuable addition to your outdoor gear.

5. Do beach umbrellas come with carrying bags?

Many beach umbrellas come with convenient carrying bags or cases for easy transportation and storage. Check the product specifications to see if a carrying bag is included with your chosen umbrella.

6. What is the average lifespan of a beach umbrella?

The lifespan of a beach umbrella can vary depending on its quality and how well it’s maintained. With proper care, a high-quality beach umbrella can last for several seasons, providing you with years of sun protection.

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